Puerto Vallarta is the name of our restaurant which is located at 48 Cedar Swamp Road in Glen Cove, New York.

The concept behind the opening a Mexican Style restaurant started 10 years ago in the year 2001 with 3 members of the now Puerto Vallarta founding family.  In April 2010 a great opportunity presented itself in quaint Glen Cove and the restaurant Puerto Vallarta opened to the public. The name Puerto Vallarta originates from a very well known tourist area named Guadalajara Jalisco in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta’s founding members have strong Mexican Lineage not only from their cultural home and roots, but have experience working as Mexican chefs and hospitality in Mexican cuisine that believed in offering an authentic home experience. These important elements of Mexican home cooking are reflected not only in the care given to every savory dish and flavorful cocktail, but in the cheerful and warm climate of this local Mexican restaurant. “The experience and the Mexican flavor in our meals are intentional as it brings the Best of our Mexican and Latino culture to our community and restaurant guests”.